Our Customers

Learn how Zerv makes an impact on our customers and how we bring a seamless and modern experience to tenants, employees, and visitors.

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What Our Customers Had to Say

Our customers have greatly benefited from the use of Zerv technology, creating a seamless and modern building experience for their occupants.


“Zerv is the partner we needed to help drive value to our customers, providing critical and actionable insights to the building and accomplishing all of this without requiring huge changes.”

-Marcus Moufarrige

CEO, ility


“Zerv was a luxury but now it is a necessity.  Very impressive work.”

-Michael Dohnert

Senior Director Ballpark Operation, New York Mets


“Overall awesome...Very impressive – great tech!”

-Thano Lambrinos

SVP – Digital Buildings, Experiences & Innovation, QuadReal


“I was using the same door for 12 years before Zerv installed their technology in 30 seconds and now it feels like magic.”

-Sam Rosen

CEO, Deskpass


“It’s slick!”

-Adam Milich

Building and Facilities Manager, mHUB Chicago


“Zerv is the most streamlined solution possible right now for us.”

-Jennifer Cyphers

Founder and CEO, Pynwheel


Learn About The Benefits of Rip-and-Replace Access Control

Zerv is the one-of-a-kind technology that connects all access systems from any manufacturer into one seamless and harmonized solution.

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