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Leveraging Smart Lock Technology in Multi-Residential Property Management

Every element of a well-run multi-family property should be vetted. Are the systems, procedures, employees, and products set up for success?

Everything matters, down to the choice in locks. After all; this hardware keeps tenants and your property safe day in and day out. Some locks can return more on their investment than traditional lock-and-keys. These next-generation security devices allow residents to use their smartphones to open their doors and access the building’s entrances and public areas.

With all the innovation and evolution going on in this space, there's a lot to keep up with. Here are a few things property owners and investors need to know going forward.

Modern Software

Facility staff can configure, manage, and monitor smart locks from virtually anywhere using cloud-based mobile apps. Shared access functionality makes routine chores and maintenance a snap for facility staffers who no longer need to walk to a resident’s door to deal with lost keys and the like. It can all be safely and efficiently managed from their computer, tablet, or smartphone.


Smart locks increase the safety of a property, while also reducing its liabilities. (Contact our team to ask why legacy access systems are a high-security risk for your property)


The multi-family market is increasingly competitive. More people are moving in and more properties are going up. Separating your property from the rest has never been more important. Smart locks help you do that, they offer security, prestige, and give facilities a modern appeal that simply looks good. It's a fast, easy way to stand out from the competition and establish your properties as safe and cutting-edge.

Improved Efficiency

Open architecture is the key here. It gives the user the flexibility to transform access data provided by these modern access units into ways that better suit their property’s requirements and needs. This includes streamlining the control of doors across the entire property with a single system, automating lights and air circulation systems, and more.

In today's highly-saturated market, every detail and every dollar counts for tenants and property owners alike. Property owners who better understand the benefits of prioritizing technology investments now will remain best positioned to stay competitive moving forward.

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