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Zerv Team Apr 18, 2022 2:23:14 PM 4 min read

How Zerv Access is Working with Veritas Investments to Upgrade Outdated Building Technology

CEO and founder of Zerv Access Solutions, Cody Horchak, works with David Thomas, director ...
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Zerv Team Mar 2, 2022 5:04:00 PM 4 min read

The Future of Real Estate Tours: Pynwheel Enhances Self-Tour Experience Through Zerv Access Solutions

Jen Cyphers, founder and CEO of Pynwheel, explains how Zerv’s access solutions helped the ...
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Zerv Team Feb 10, 2022 1:47:53 PM 8 min read

How to Maximize Parking Inventory Utilization with Emerging Mobile Technologies

If you’re an owner or manager of a commercial parking property, nothing is more annoying ...
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Zerv Team Jan 18, 2022 1:48:54 PM 6 min read

Leading Properties to Greener Pastures with Updated Access Control

According to IEA, buildings and building construction account for over a third of global ...
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Zerv Team Jan 18, 2022 12:56:57 PM 9 min read

QR Codes vs Digital Credentials: Which is Right for Your Mobile Access Solution?

One of the biggest trends in the world of visitor management and access control is the ...
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Zerv Team Jan 14, 2022 6:16:23 PM 3 min read

Leveraging Smart Lock Technology in Multi-Residential Property Management

Every element of a well-run multi-family property should be vetted. Are the systems, ...
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Zerv Team Jan 14, 2022 6:11:41 PM 6 min read

Smart Buildings: 5 Essential Technologies to Know in 2021

A new vertical of the technology world, Property Tech, emerged to transform and serve one ...
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Zerv Team Jan 14, 2022 6:08:21 PM 7 min read

Patient Health and Safety in Long Term Care Facilities

Despite their extensive knowledge of physical security, it’s easy for security ...
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Zerv Team Jan 14, 2022 6:01:49 PM 4 min read

5 Reasons Smart Devices Afford Better Access Security

1. Employees Always Have Their Cell Phones
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Zerv Team Jan 14, 2022 6:00:06 PM 7 min read

Connecting the University Campus with Mobile Access and Touchless Entry

When it comes to physical access control for university campuses, it's not as simple as ...
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