Mar 2, 2022 5:04:00 PM 4 min read

The Future of Real Estate Tours: Pynwheel Enhances Self-Tour Experience Through Zerv Access Solutions

Jen Cyphers, founder and CEO of Pynwheel, explains how Zerv’s access solutions helped the company significantly increase tour-to-lease conversion rates.


The pandemic caused many companies to pivot and innovate – yet few have been able to find the right resources to help accomplish these changes at the desired pace. For Pynwheel, a marketing technology company that provides property tours for multifamily buildings, finding a partner to help enhance its self-tour technology and solutions was essential to pandemic scale. Enter Zerv Access, a tech company creating smart security and mobile access solutions.

“Zerv is the most streamlined solution possible right now for us,” said Jen Cyphers, Pynwheel’s founder and CEO. “During COVID, when it became increasingly popular to provide self-guided tours, no one had a solution for getting people in the front door of a property. Leasing offices were closed, and allowing people to see a property’s amenities was a challenge. Zerv was the only company that had a good solution for existing properties. That's why this partnership has been so valuable to us.” 

As part of this effort, Zerv helped Pynwheel modernize existing access points with cutting-edge smart security technology, allowing property managers to skip expensive and time-consuming rip-and-replace projects. Cody Horchak, Zerv’s CEO and founder, says enhancing outdated hardware has allowed for smoother access to apartment tours across the industry. 

“We set out four years ago to take all physical credentials and provide a digital clone of them, allowing a person’s phone to become their access badge — a fob — to existing legacy systems,” said Horchak. “Any owner or operator in a multifamily or commercial space most likely has an access control system that facilitates opening and closing doors, gates, garages, you name it. That fob is embedded into an iOS or Android device, and now a person’s phone effectively becomes their key.” 

Cyphers said that by implementing Zerv’s access control enhancements at Pynwheel properties, the company has dramatically increased its tour-to-lease conversion rate.

“Consumer experience is five thousand times better,” said Cyphers. “We're able to show the prospect the amenities, which is essential for most of the properties. In some cases, a potential tenant wouldn’t have been able to view the property at all without the implementation.”

Pynwheel’s partnership with Zerv has allowed the company to offer self-guided tours, including after-hours and weekend tours when many prospects are available but managers often are not. 

“Especially in some of the smartest cities in our world, it's no longer about who has the best rooftop. It's not all about amenities as much as it is about services,” Horchak said. “Pynwheel has a great concept for self-guided tours, but it needed backend support to get the visitors into the property. We were able to provide the technology to meet Jen’s goals with Pynwheel, and the result has been great.”


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