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Smart Mobile Access as a Marketable Amenity

It shouldn't be a surprise that millennial renters and property buyers want as many tech upgrades as they can get from their residences. That interest goes right down to the locks, and more and more are becoming more likely to rent or purchase an apartment specifically because of smart features such as mobile access doors.

A survey by Allegion U.S in 2020 found that 52 percent of millennials would prefer to access their home through alternative methods, including their smartphone.

The study presents a few key points that are specifically important to note:


“72 percent of millennials currently live in an apartment building.”

"57 percent of millennials currently use delivery services like Amazon. The use of delivery services is significant amongst millennials, but many indicate they experience package theft with 39 percent saying they have had packages stolen from their front door sometime in the past."

“74 percent of millennials don’t feel secure in their home.”

“3 in 5 respondents would be more likely to live in a place that offered mobile access control.”

"52 percent prefer to access their home using alternative entry methods (pin code, smartphone, biometric, key fob or card credential)."

“58 percent are comfortable and have given out 1-2 keys or access codes to family or friends.”


The case for mobile access upgrades is clear, but many property owners and property managers are still reluctant to adapt to these changing demands. This is mainly due to the exorbitant costs and disruptions associated with access hardware upgrading.

Transforming access feature functionality in 2020 should and can be as simple as updating a mobile application.

Start by Doing Things Differently

Zerv’s technology grants users safe and secure access to any existing access system with their smartphone. This is accomplished by simply installing a small plugin into an existing reader. Once installed, the existing device’s operating system natively accepts your credentials stored on the Zerv app.

We also have a variety of readers designed to improve tenant experiences that can be easily installed into your multi-residential property creating a fully integrated access control and security environment.

Upgrading physical access systems every decade shouldn’t be a requirement to keep properties safe and up-to-date, the team at Zerv is committed to making it easy for business and property owners to adapt to the changing demands of the millennial tenant.

Ask us how we can simplify the path to mobile access for your property.

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